Now the Humble Store is making the "Special Edition," of Shadow Warrior (2013) free, with the soundtrack, art book, and a couple of unique weapons until 10am on July 22.

To get your free copy, just head over to, click where it says "add to cart," and then take it from there. Can't go wrong with free right?


"The Allied Perimeter" is the second in a series of talks from Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran, covering the infamous evacuation at Dunkirk. In this installment, learn about the French perimeter and what it took the Allies to maintain it during World War II.


"The Fall of France" is the first in a series of talks from Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran, covering the infamous evacuation at Dunkirk. In this installment, the Chieftain outlines the history of Allied troops in France in the time leading up to the evacuation itself.


Many of you have surely been waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the next Season of the League APAC. As the eSports industry as a whole continues to evolve and grow, so must we, and it is with the aim of achieving player happiness and delivering our players the most rewarding and dynamic competitive environment possible, that we would like to announce our next major revamp for the WGL and the World of Tanks competitive scene

A New Format for 2018

Competitive gaming continues to be a major strategic priority for Wargaming, and we will continue to build and enrich the World of Tanks eSports community by creating more localized content and casual tournaments for all levels of skill and commitment.

As for our formal competitive sector, the League, we are working on updating our official tournament format to make it ever more spectacular, entertaining, and appealing to our audience. This will be done with the invaluable feedback and expertise of those who know our game best – our pro players – as guideposts.

Together with our players, we’ll be conducting a series of tests on various different formats to find the one that will prove most compelling and most enjoyable for both competitor and spectator alike. Will we end up with a vastly different metagame when our study concludes? A whole new tournament? Only time will tell!

The sky’s the limit on this one, so look out for more information on the beta version of the new format to be released early next year! League APAC: The Transitional Season

But what shall be the fate of the WGL?

While our format research is underway, an extended Season of the League APAC will be taking place concurrently to keep all our players and fans engaged. Between September and December, our existing Gold Series teams will be battling to earn the top position in APAC, as well as a chance to face off against the other regions’ best challengers in Moscow this December.

There will also be opportunities for rising new stars – that’s you, our dear players – to participate and earn themselves a spot among Asia’s elite. If you can take the heat, that is!

Watch out for more details on this very soon!

We hope this announcement has given you plenty to chew on as we gear up for the next evolution of World of Tanks eSports. Till next time, thank you all for your passionate support, and as always, see you on the battlefield!


Two American tanks are currently on their way to Supertest for turret rebalancing! The M48A1 Patton is getting a new turret (from M48A5) with a smaller cupola and improved front armour.

The current Tier X Patton doesn’t have good turret armour and proved to be vulnerable due to its prominent cupola. The new turret we’re testing, with its improved armour, will make it possible for you to work the ridges, take advantage of the terrain and “tank” more successfully.

The M46 Patton is getting improved armor of the standard turret mantlet (it’ll be improved to reach the level of the M26). The effective top turret front armor will be ~220mm.

As for the M46 Patton, we will improve its front turret armour without replacing it, this way maintaining this MT branch’s trait for excellent elevation/depression angles and solid turrets on high tiers.

Please keep in mind that changes tested on the Supertest server won’t necessarily be implemented on the live server.