Known for her involvement in the secret mission of delivering parts for the atomic bomb and her tragic sinking in the Pacific Ocean, USS Indianapolis is not only a ship with a history, but also a capable cruiser on mid to long-range duels. The Surveillance radar consumable will also make her an effective destroyer hunter, allowing her crew to see enemy ships sooner, even those concealed by a smoke screen.

As usual the bundles are region specific making things difficult to list and tedious.

£21.67 (€28.48)
Indianapolis + Port Slot

£30.43 (€39.99)
Indianapolis + Port Slot
2,250 Doubloons
Main Battery Mod. 1
Gun Fire Control System Mod. 1
Damage Control Mod. 1
Steering Gears Mod. 2
100× Equal Speed Charlie London Signals
100× Zulu Hotel Signals.

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