We will not be covering these so called 'leaks' which as of now are just clickbait and speculation that will cause discontent and worry. Not everyone keeps up with the current news on the Wargaming portal, so when they hear that their tank/s just got nerfed, the first thing they are going to do is complain. Misinformation is bad, but apparently a few extra views and comments are worth it. These stats are easily available to everyone who had joined or plans to join the Sandbox server over the next several weeks.

The stats are likely to change often, ideas and other test will be implemented on a regular basis for probably several months. This is a massive re-balance of the game and I doubt Wargaming plans of rushing through this.

There is no solid confirmation or news as of this time, but when there is, we will cover it and be sure to analyse it's affect on the future of the game.

Note: Sorry for the unfortunate gap in updates, what with myself fighting a horrible infection and basically confined to bed and the other contributor away on vacation, there has not been a chance to write any article this week.

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