The British tanks are in general, disliked by most because of their underwhelming armour or anaemic guns. The are exceptions were the tank is loved by many, the Cromwell for instance, but most British tanks have a reputation for being hard to play or just 'bad'. The Caernarvon falls under this category, while being slow, large but somewhat armoured, it is the gun that really lets this tank down at it's tier. Doing 230 average per shot, it leaves a lot to be desired, but what can be done to improve it? Is the 105 mm Royal Ordinance L7 gun the answer?

Historically the 105 mm L7 gun was never used on the Caernarvon, lets get that out the way first. The Caernarvon hull was mounted with a turret from a Centurion Mk.2, which had a 17-pounder gun. This Centurion turret mated tank was designated the FV 221 Caernarvon Mark I for the 17-pounder. The later combination of the Centurion Mk.3 turret instead of the Mk.2 upped the armament of the tank to the more powerful 20-pounder gun, this version named the Mark II.

So in-game the stock Centurion Mk 2 turret is the one used on the experimental series, this being historically correct. At no time was the Action X turret ever used on the Caernarvon, this making the upgraded turret unhistorical, but this comes with positives, the ability to mount the 105 mm Royal Ordinance L7A1 gun in the turret.

The L7 105 mm tank gun was developed from the 20 pounder. In 1954, the original version of the 105 mm was made by re-boring the tube of a 20 pounder barrel. Technically, if a turret could fit the 20lb, it could also fit the 105 mm L7.

Of course this makes the tank ever more unhistorical than it is already, but seeing that Wargaming gave the Caernarvon the Action X turret to try and bring it up to levels of the current heavy tanks at that tier, what would giving it the 105 mm L7 do except make it less historical. There are already tanks in-game with guns that were never on production models, for instance the IS-3's fearsome 122 mm BL-9. Would one more hurt?

So we come to our conclusion, the Caernarvon is already historically inaccurate and under-gunned, most heavy tanks at this tier are doing 320/390/400 damage. We also already know the 105mm L7 gun will fit in the Action X turret, so we propose the stock gun be changed to the 20lb A barrel, the 20lb B barrel as an intermediate upgrade and finally the 105mm L7 as the top gun, just like the Centurion 7/1. This giving the Caernarvon the much needed hitting power it lacks at its tier, if not less historical.

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