In these quick shot articles, we will cover the tanks that were not quite; done yet. During the prototype stage, many tanks can change dramatically, some for the better and other for the worse. We will take a look at some of these and while we are at it, probably point and laugh.

On 24 July 1947, OCM 31668 authorized the diversion of one T30 for the installation of an experimental automatic cartridge case ejecting mechanism and an automatic system to load the ammunition. This brought the gun breech into position, loaded the round and then returned the gun to the initial angle.. The 'new' T30 was designated T30E1. Further changes included increased height of the commander's cupola to allow him for a better view over the front of the massive turret.

Currently ingame the T110E4 serves as the Tier 10 turreted tank destroyer, in the American tree. However this tank at one point could have been the contender, love or hate the T110E4, it could have been worse right? what do you think, would you prefer the T30E1?

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