Welcome to the Sunday Post, the idea and content for this article will be far more casual and to round up the weeks highs and lows. It will also include news not related to Wargaming and just be a 'chill' piece. Sunday after all is a day of rest, so why not sit back, have a coffee and talk about something that does not cause mild tachycardia, yes, we are looking at you artillery.

So things have been going smoothly over the past few weeks, daily views and visits are increasing at a slow but steady rate. Enough so that it has passed out initial expectation of the numbers required to continue to run the blog, so we are happy with that. The content of the blog could do with improvement, there are days where there is either no relevant news or information, we do not plan to fill content gaps with subpar articles or fluff, so there still may be gap going forward in the future, but this is the choice we made; quality over quantity.

We would like to expand to cover World of Warships, we already have a small amount of content, but we would like someone to manage that aspect of the blog, someone who is willing to give a little time to write and go through available information. Obviously a passion for the game and a good amount of knowledge would be required, so it is our hope that in the next few weeks we can find someone who can fill this position. If yourself, or you know someone who would fit perfectly, do contact us.

We watch Circonflexes stream often and when he remembers to play music, it is a great time to discover a few great tunes. So we bring your attention this week to MONO, while it is really hard to describe a sound or music to someone, we leave you with this extract that will hopefully do it;

The band's style of music is influenced by the genres of experimental rock and shoegazing, as well as by both the classical and contemporary classical periods of classical music, and also by noise and minimalism. Mono's sound is characterised by the lead and rhythm guitars of Goto and Yoda respectively, both of whom make extensive use of reverb, distortion and delay effects. The band's live performances are noted for their intensity, both in the playing and in the dynamics.

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