Welcome to the Sunday Post, the content for this article will be far more casual and to round up the weeks highs and lows. It will also include news not related to Wargaming. Sunday after all is a day of rest, so why not sit back, have a coffee and talk about something that does not cause mild tachycardia, yes, we are looking at you artillery.

Somewhat of a quiet week in regard to news, as we mentioned previously we will be looking for someone to fill a hole in content that is World of Warships on this site. Hopefully this week we will be able to start looking and consider out options. Patch 9.15.1 hit the live server and along with it some issues as usual, hopefully Wargaming can get off their ass and deal with these in good time. 

It has been a complicated week for us in life, family matters have been required to be attended to, some happy and some sad, but we aim to get content out on the day that it is publically available, sometimes this means it might go up in the evening or later. We all have out lives outside of our gaming time and sometimes, those require extra attention.

If you have any suggestions for content you would like to have covered we would like to hear from you, as of now we cannot promise anything, but we would definitely consider the option in the not so distant future.

This week we present to you Low Roar, again another relatively unknown artist in the world of big budget musicians. A wonderful album to sit back and relax to;

Low Roar is a response to the unknown; a vivid portrait of those life-altering moments stained with equal parts hope and melancholy.

Project of Ryan Karazija, Low Roar is the incarnation of change, atmosphere, and loneliness after a move from San Francisco, California to Reykjavík, Iceland.  His self-titled emotive, twelve song debut chronicles the challenges of starting anew in a foreign land and is an honest depiction of the struggles to acclimate, find work, and support his family in the Icelandic winter.

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