Regarding the game:
Interface in PC version is the worst from all of the platforms, it will be reworked

After 'Rubicon' many things have changed, several high-standing employees have left the company

Arty in the sandbox was just one of the tests, more tests are coming

It's not enough to just fix the imbalanced tanks, they want to continue the total rework in future sandbox iterations

They are aware of the under-5-minute turbowins/losses, there's a term for that and it's not okay

The current state of the maps is dissapointing, programmers will have a long lecture about it

Some of the new premium tanks are garbage, they are looking for the people responsible and what were their decisions

The reason behind Historical Battles failing is located and it's quite unexpected (not stated what it was)

"Czechs are imbas!" — blame testers, they are going to change how new content is tested

The veteran mapmaker Henrich Kravtsov is back in the team (creator of Himmelsdorf, Karelia and others)

While they are trying to coordinate their actions about different things, maps are going to be reworked first

New matchmaker is in the works for the tier10 light tanks since old matchmaker can't handle them

They don't have any guides on 'how to balance tanks' so their only way to do it right is by trial and error

Sometimes they have problems understanding how their maps are going to be actually played vs how they WANT them to be played

Gold/silver rounds changes are imminent

They believe that low tier battles are more entertaining because low tier tanks are blind and can't shoot from the other side of the map

Mapmakers, designers, sound engineers, balance team and other branches of the company will all get a set of tasks to fulfill a single goal, Slava hopes that better synergy between all of the teams is going to help

Future sandbox iterations won't have changes as drastic as they were before

Statistics are not being ignored, but data isn't processed effectively, this will be adressed since at some point they started to care about stats too much and ignored how it affects your subjective perception

Slow tanks like T95 are probably going to get a speed boost

Personal missions are going to be reworked

T-22 sr. was a huge mistake, it was intentionally overbuffed to force peole into doing things they don't like, this sohuld've never happened

New matchmaker should fix the +1/-1 tier problem, but in a different way

Next patch is scheduled to be released in september

The next major patch is going to come around the end of the year, it will contain the updates made by the new team

Game-related misc stuff:
KongZhong regulates economic decisions in China, not Wargaming

It was really ridiculously painful to research Japanese tanks. Usually they went like "Oh, this tank probably existed so we are going to contact all Japanese historians in hopes that someone has any info regarding it"

Michael Jivets is tired and won't be taking any strategic decisions anymore, he still works in the team though

WoT 2.0 is not being discussed yet. They need to make things right in the current WoT first

Non-game stuff:
Slava isn't playing Pokemon Go

Slava gets drunk sometimes, but usually AFTER the job is done

Master of Orion is deemed successful, they wanted to make a game for the fans and they believe that it worked out well

Source: u/senaya @Reddit

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