Dear players, it has recently become increasingly widespread that fraud in the various social media is taking place. The fraudsters, hide behind the names and trademarks of well-known brands and projects, using a variety of methods to deceive and fool the most gullible users.

Unfortunately, there are cases of account thefts from players or, more often, cases of extortion of various sums of money. Recently, we were able to detect 500 false projects on social networks, which we managed to get close.

In most cases, the fraud is committed is in the following ways:

On a social networks they create a group / community, accompanied by pictures and graphics, etc. from the official website's of Wargaming,
This group / community consciously assigns a false name, eg. 'Cheats and codes for World of Tanks, "Boost accounts in World of Tanks, "" Best bot for World of Tanks ", etc.
Quite often there are stories of the following type: "stolen from Wargaming special program to generate bonus codes", etc.,
Sooner or later comes to pricing service groups / communities: sale bonus codes, sales accounts, boost game account, etc., and a link to the e-wallet,
To create their own brand and reputation, supposedly attracted real users who artificially leave positive comments: "The bonus code actually works!" etc ..

Often in such groups, they encourage users to arrange competitions and lotteries.

Once a player finds that he has been cheated and bonus code does not work, Support Department will consider the request, but only in order to combat fraud. The company did not return the money that the player has lost as a result of excessive trust in the seller and his own naivete.

Important: The bonus codes can only be obtained directly from Wargaming or can be obtained from the hands of the direct representative of the company, by participating in competitions within the community, as well as from partners with Wargaming.

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