MODUM company has launched a series of cosmetic products.

The new range of cosmetics for men on the theme of the popular multiplayer game World of Tanks. The line includes shampoos, shower gels, cosmetics, shaving and aftershave. At the manufacturer's website you can find the 7 items in this series, and each of them has a picture of the class of vehicle made ​​in the original style. Prices are still not known.

According to the manufacturer:
"We have entered into a licensing agreement for the right to release a series of cosmetic products under the brand name of World of Tanks. The rights to this series belong to us."

In 2015, Wargaming and MODUM signed an agreement, which resulted in the release of a new line of cosmetics for men - World of Tanks. Both the design and the whole setting has been jointly developed by the two companies. "

The company produces a wide range of cosmetics. The company is actively working on the cosmetics market for over 20 years and all the products are intended for consumers in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries, the Baltic countries and Germany.

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