A minor patch for version 9.15.1 is scheduled for 11th August. It will fix the interface and other bugs that surfaced after the update. Thanks to the feedback received from players, the development team has found out and fixed the disclosed problems in short terms.

Important! After the release of the micropatch, the file structure of the game client will be changed. As a result, third-party modifications for version 9.15.1 will not work for some time. In order to avoid technical problems, the game client will change the main folder for modifications. It is strongly recommended that players refrain from installing mods and instead wait for the most updated versions of those mods, which will be adapted to the current version of the client

Fixed a bug where markers on the minimap were larger than Action Script 2 (9.15), after going to the Action Script 3 (9.15.1)

Fixed problem with highlighting several sectors at a time when the player selected several squares at a rapid pace,

Fixed a bug that caused Reserves Battle (air strikes and artillery fire) activated in skirmishes and battles the fortress were sent back to the Fortress,

Fixed a bug that caused the player being in spectator mode (spectator) before the beginning of the battle was in the MS-1

Fixed a bug where historical battles statistics were not available in the statistics tab,

Fixed a bug in the IGR (In Game Results), where the player with a long nick in the battle could result in the display of the entire list in the wrong way.

Issues faced when using Third-Party Modifications
In most cases, such problems can be solved by deleting the mods. However, sometimes, a clean reinstall of the game is needed.There are many players who use different client mods. We would like to remind you that these modifications are not created by Wargaming, but rather by third-party developers and users. So, whenever there are official World of Tanks updates, conflicts can occur if your game client has modified files installed. Examples of such issues include decreased game performance, freezes, crashes, missing textures, and more.

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