What with the recent changes to World of Tanks regarding the ingame chat and its ultimate removal, Wargaming seem to want to tackle player toxicity, but the problem with this, is that those few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us and we all get punished for it. If the removal of cross team chat was a good or bad thing, that is not what we are here to discuss currently.

Most people by now have heard of League of Legends, a popular 5v5 team game that is well known for its rather colourful community. To overcome some of this, Riot Games set up a tribunal where if a player gets reported enough then logs of that players activity, be it abusive language or effecting the gameplay of others in a negative way, are put to the player base.

These players then look over the chat logs or screen shots and issue a punishment they deem fitting, anything from a 10 game chat ban to a 2 week account ban - and in some extreme cases a permanent ban. Some may argue letting a community decide punishment can be abused in some cases, but the fact that these player can be dealt with and punished far quicker using this system than the standard approach of contacting support to only get an automated response.

So would World of Tanks benefit from a system like this? For example, someone is reported for using an aimbot enough times, a replay of their game is uploaded for everyone to watch, to which players can vote on if they believe the accused is guilty. If enough votes deem the player to be cheating then the replay is passed onto Wargamings internal team to issue an appropriate punishment, or maybe let the public decide, though that could lead to an issue with over excessive punishments.

Though it could be wise to remove player names from the replays and logs, or replace their names with generic 'Player_001' to protect them from witchhunts and abuse of the system. We need to make things fair for both sides, even if just one is getting punished.

So would people support this type of community punishments, is the current system working or does it need to be improved, there are lots of questions that need answers, but was removing ingame chat one of them?

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