• Engine power increased from 510 to 650
  • Specific power increased from 12.26 to 15.63
Improved armour:
  • Upper front plate of the hull increased from 50.8 mm to 76.2 mm
  • Turret front armour increased from 170 mm to 240 mm.

    Centurion Mk 1

    • Turret front armour increased from 152.4 mm to 254 mm.

    Centurion Mk 7/1

    • Changed description
    • Turret front armour increased from 152.4 mm to 254 mm.

    Centurion Action X

    • Turret front armour increased from 198.1 mm to 254 mm.


    There are plans to release Micropatch on July 27th, 2017

    Maintenance will last approximately one hour.

    During maintenance, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable.

    Patch notes:
    • Fixed the issue where the statistics were reset in the primary Garage after the player has completed Bootcamp.
    • Fixed the issue where the cost of automatic consumable resupplying was not displayed in the Battle Results screen with auto-resupply enabled in the Directives screen.
    • Fixed some technical issues.


    The new characteristics of some British Medium tanks are soon to be tested on the Supertest server!

    British MTs have excellent elevation angles and a good view range, but unfortunately, the turret isn't strong enough for allowing you to fully take advantage of these top British vehicles. That’s exactly why we plan to improve the front armour of Medium tanks turrets starting from Tier VIII to Tier X.

    The effective armour will now start from 240mm, which will allow you to play more confidently on terrain folds and to feel less vulnerable.

    British premium MT FV4202 was not ignored either. Besides improving the front of the turret (common for all top Medium tanks), we’ll also improve the armour of the front hull so it reaches 223mm effective armour. Due to the, FV 4202 will be able to fight with opponents using its strong front. Moreover, we’ll increase the engine power to 650 h.p., which will allow this tank to reach its maximum speed quicker, become more mobile and dynamic overall.


    We're going to try something different, I have been a patron of Humble Bundle for a long time now. You can get some amazing game, audio books and comics for great value, while also helping charity. So for next few weeks, we are going to include Humble Bundle posts to keep you aware of these bundles as they come up.

    Pay what you want ($1 or more for CD Keys)
    • Umbrella Corps
    • Strider
    • DmC: Devil May Cry

    Pay more than the average of $7.60 (about £5.85) to also unlock!
    • Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
    • Resident Evil HD Remaster
    • Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster
    • Resident Evil 6
    • Umbrella Corps - Bonus content

    Pay $12 (about £9.24) or more to also unlock!
    • Dead Rising 2
    • Dead Rising 3: Apocalupse Edition


    World of Tanks update 9.20 is already knocking on the door, and behind it, the autumn release of 9.20.1. Here is a rough outline of Wargamings plans for the next several months. Remember these are based on Russian development and server times, so some will vary for EU/NA - not to mention delays if any.

    • 25th July – Preparation of update news
    • 26th - 27th July – Official patch announcement
    • 27th July – Supertest update
    • 24th - 30th July – Launch of new Global Map season
    • 2nd August – Wargamings 19th anniversary, T-29 is the gift tank
    • 2nd - 3rd August – First 9.20 CT
    • 12th August – World of Tanks 7th Birthday celebrations
    • 16th August – Second 9.20 CT
    • End of Summer – 9.20 Release
    • End of Fall – 9.20.1 Release
    • End of year – 9.21 Release


    The Tankgewehr antitank rifle was developed by the Mauser company and adopted by the Imperial German military as an emergency measure to counter the introduction of tanks to the WW1 battlefield. The question is, did they really work? Could a 13.2mm AP bullet from a Tankgewehr really perforate the armour of a British tank? Well today we find out!

    The armour on a British tank was steel plate of 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm thickness, through-hardened to Brinell 440-480. We have replicated this with a plate of AR450 (ie, Brinell 450) armour, which we will be shooting at a distance of 50 yards. The ammunition we are using is original 1918 production German AP, and the rifle is a Tankgewehr captured by Allied troops late in the war and brought home as a souvenir.


    Now the Humble Store is making the "Special Edition," of Shadow Warrior (2013) free, with the soundtrack, art book, and a couple of unique weapons until 10am on July 22.

    To get your free copy, just head over to, click where it says "add to cart," and then take it from there. Can't go wrong with free right?


    "The Allied Perimeter" is the second in a series of talks from Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran, covering the infamous evacuation at Dunkirk. In this installment, learn about the French perimeter and what it took the Allies to maintain it during World War II.


    "The Fall of France" is the first in a series of talks from Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran, covering the infamous evacuation at Dunkirk. In this installment, the Chieftain outlines the history of Allied troops in France in the time leading up to the evacuation itself.


    Many of you have surely been waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the next Season of the League APAC. As the eSports industry as a whole continues to evolve and grow, so must we, and it is with the aim of achieving player happiness and delivering our players the most rewarding and dynamic competitive environment possible, that we would like to announce our next major revamp for the WGL and the World of Tanks competitive scene

    A New Format for 2018

    Competitive gaming continues to be a major strategic priority for Wargaming, and we will continue to build and enrich the World of Tanks eSports community by creating more localized content and casual tournaments for all levels of skill and commitment.

    As for our formal competitive sector, the League, we are working on updating our official tournament format to make it ever more spectacular, entertaining, and appealing to our audience. This will be done with the invaluable feedback and expertise of those who know our game best – our pro players – as guideposts.

    Together with our players, we’ll be conducting a series of tests on various different formats to find the one that will prove most compelling and most enjoyable for both competitor and spectator alike. Will we end up with a vastly different metagame when our study concludes? A whole new tournament? Only time will tell!

    The sky’s the limit on this one, so look out for more information on the beta version of the new format to be released early next year! League APAC: The Transitional Season

    But what shall be the fate of the WGL?

    While our format research is underway, an extended Season of the League APAC will be taking place concurrently to keep all our players and fans engaged. Between September and December, our existing Gold Series teams will be battling to earn the top position in APAC, as well as a chance to face off against the other regions’ best challengers in Moscow this December.

    There will also be opportunities for rising new stars – that’s you, our dear players – to participate and earn themselves a spot among Asia’s elite. If you can take the heat, that is!

    Watch out for more details on this very soon!

    We hope this announcement has given you plenty to chew on as we gear up for the next evolution of World of Tanks eSports. Till next time, thank you all for your passionate support, and as always, see you on the battlefield!


    Two American tanks are currently on their way to Supertest for turret rebalancing! The M48A1 Patton is getting a new turret (from M48A5) with a smaller cupola and improved front armour.

    The current Tier X Patton doesn’t have good turret armour and proved to be vulnerable due to its prominent cupola. The new turret we’re testing, with its improved armour, will make it possible for you to work the ridges, take advantage of the terrain and “tank” more successfully.

    The M46 Patton is getting improved armor of the standard turret mantlet (it’ll be improved to reach the level of the M26). The effective top turret front armor will be ~220mm.

    As for the M46 Patton, we will improve its front turret armour without replacing it, this way maintaining this MT branch’s trait for excellent elevation/depression angles and solid turrets on high tiers.

    Please keep in mind that changes tested on the Supertest server won’t necessarily be implemented on the live server.


    The miracle of Dunkirk formed the backdrop of our partnership with Warner Bros. for Christopher Nolan’s World War II action thriller, DUNKIRK.

    "The Fall of France" is the first in a series of talks from Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran, covering the infamous evacuation at Dunkirk. In this installment, the Chieftain outlines the history of Allied troops in France in the time leading up to the evacuation itself.


    Yet another new premium Soviet tank has appeared on the Supertest. The new "unique" T-44 lightweight (LT-8, USSR).

    * The development of the tank began in 1943. After testing the first prototype, a number of changes were made to the design of the tank. The reference copy of the T-44A was ready by August 1944 and entered further tests. This version of the T-44 was not serially produced.


    The servers will undergo a brief maintenance in connection with the release of a small update on July 13, which is intended to fix;

    • The problem with artillery shells not dealing damage
    • Several technical problems

    Scheduled server reboots on July 13 were cancelled because of this.


    The EM-2 was the rifle that the British pushed for NATO trials in 1950. It was a rifle well ahead of its time in several areas - as a select-fire bullpup rifle, it was intended to replace both the infantry rifle and the submachine gun. Its .280 caliber cartridge was designed with combat ranges of 600 yards and less, acknowledging the reality that engagements beyond even 300 yards were extremely rare, and not important enough to base rifle design on. It was also designed to use primarily optical sights, long before this concept would be embraced elsewhere. Unfortunately, the potential of the EM-2 was lost to the political decision that compatibility with American ordnance choices was a more significant benefit than an improved infantry rifle.

    Mechanically, the EM-2 is heavily based on the German G43 flapper-locking system. It uses a long stroke gas piston in place of the G43's short stroke one, though. To help account for the slower handling of a bullpup configuration, the EM-2 would both lock open when its magazine was empty and also automatically close the bolt and chamber a round when a fresh magazine was inserted. The safety was much like that of the M1 Garand, and the selector lever was of the push-through type like on the German Sturmgewehr.

    The optic on the EM-2 is quite tiny, and offers no magnification. Its purpose is to reduce the two-element sight picture of traditional iron sights to a single plane that can be more quickly and easily placed on the target.

    In total, only 55 EM-2 rifles were manufactured, including the paratrooper model in this video and a number of 7.62mm NATO examples made as a last ditch effort to remain competitive in NATO trials. Where most failed prototype rifles were rejected for very legitimate technical shortcomings, the EM-2 is (I believe) a prime example of an outstanding weapon that fell victim to politics unrelated to its actually qualities.


    New Nation

    Attributes of the Polish nation were added:
    • Poland nation included in the vehicle panel filters
    • National crew (only the male voiceover will be available) with ranks and Personal Data
    • Polish camouflage patterns, emblems and inscriptions
    • National premium consumable: Bread with Smalec
    Note: For now, the Polish nation will not be added to the Tech Tree.

    Changes to the SPG vehicle type

    • Added the option of inviting an SPG to the Platoon (with a limitation of one SPG per Platoon).
    • Added convenient display of the allied SPG aiming area marker above objects and bridges.
    • Damage caused by allied SPGs to stunned enemy vehicles is now counted when calculating Marks of Excellence on the gun, together with damage caused to enemy vehicle upon track destruction and spotting, and the damage caused to the enemy vehicles.
    • Changed the conditions for Gore’s Medal:
    • added the lower threshold of 2,000 damage
    • reduced the upper damage threshold: now it is enough to cause damage exceeding eight times (instead of 10 times) the hit points of your vehicle to cause
    • Separate options for Battle Performance Badges and total damage log to stunned targets were added to the Battle Notifications tab.
    • Changed camera settings in the alternative aiming mode. Reduced camera sensitivity to minor irregularities.
    • Increased the amount of earned experience and credits for causing damage to stunned enemy vehicles by 20%.

    Changes to Conditions of Personal Missions

    LT-7: The SPG Hunter for chapter 4:
    • Spot 3 enemy SPGs and cause damage. Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG.
    MT-7: A Surprise Blow, for all chapters:
    • Cause damage to at least 1 enemy SPG.
    • Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG.
    • Cause damage to at least 2 enemy SPGs. Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG.
    • Cause damage to at least 3 enemy SPGs. Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG.
    MT-8: Confrontation, for all chapters:
    • Destroy at least 3 enemy medium tanks.
    MT-9: A Worthy Opponent, for all chapters:
    • Cause at least 500 HP of damage to enemy heavy tanks. Destroy at least 1 enemy heavy tank.
    • Cause at least 1,000 HP of damage to enemy heavy tanks. Destroy at least 1 enemy heavy tank.
    • Cause at least 1,500 HP of damage to enemy heavy tanks. Destroy at least 2 enemy heavy tanks.
    • Cause at least 2,000 HP of damage to enemy heavy tanks. Destroy at least 2 enemy heavy tanks.
    HT-6 (renamed and fully changed). A Two-Cause Meal, for all chapters:
    • Destroy a total of at least 2 heavy or medium tanks.
    • Destroy a total of at least 2 heavy or medium tanks of the same tier or higher.
    • Destroy a total of at least 3 heavy or medium tanks.
    • Destroy a total of at least 4 heavy or medium tanks.

    Changes to Technical Characteristics of Vehicles

    • 121: Changed the depression angle of the 122 mm 60-122T gun from -3.5 deg. to -5 deg.
    • 113: Changed the depression angle of the 122 mm 60-122TG gun from -5 deg. to -7 deg. (on sides)
    • Added the new researchable Tier X WZ-111-5A heavy tank to the Chinese branch. The vehicle will be researched through the WZ-111-4.

    Reworking to HD-quality

    • SU-8
    • SU-26
    • M3 Light
    • M4A3E8 Sherman
    • M36 Jackson
    • AMX 13 F3 AM
    • AMX 105 AM mle. 47
    • AMX 105 AM mle. 50
    • Lorraine 39L AM
    • Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.
    • D1
    • Universal Carrier 2-pdr
    • Churchill Gun Carrier

    Other Changes

    • Replaced the Battle Training mode with Bootcamp.
    • Changed the mechanics of armour penetration indicator.
    • In the Strongholds mode, the battle room Commander in the Advances can ping the strategy on the minimap before the beginning of a battle. All players in the battle room will be able to see these indications.
    • Matchmaking within particular tiers: The mismatch in the number of light tanks, tank destroyers, SPGs, and Platoons within each particular tier will be decreased.
    • Added the possibility of inviting an SPG to the Platoon (the limitation is one SPG per Platoon).
    • Changed the vehicle display order (within a particular tier) by types in the team panels. The new display order: heavy tanks, medium tanks, tank destroyers, light tanks, SPGs. Within a type, the vehicles are sorted alphabetically.
    • Completely re-recorded the Chinese voiceover with a new voice and required dialect.
    • Updated the U.S.S.R. female voiceover. Re-recorded some phrases.
    • Changed the radio interference effect for the female voiceover, following the requests of players. Now the female voiceover will sound clearer and accented.
    • Visually reworked the ESC menu.

    Fixed Issues

    • Fixed the issue where a commendation (for completion of the 15th Personal Mission) did not display the icon of the female crew member.
    • Fixed inappropriate operation of the Reset button in the vehicle comparison.
    • Fixed the issue where unsuitable vehicles were displayed as available for mission completion.
    • Fixed the issue where the client did not switch to the full-screen mode on systems using two or more screens.
    • Fixed the issue in which chat window size in the Garage could not be changed.
    • Fixed the issue where Brothers in Arms, Improved Ventilation, and the national consumables affected the active concealment modifiers with the unlearned Camouflage skills.
    • Fixed the description-related issue for The Lion of Sinai award.
    • Fixed the issue when the Recruiting Office could not be closed when the reward was received.
    • Fixed the issue when, in some cases, the entire crew could not be trailed to 100%.


    • Added a warning that part of the undistributed Combat Experience will be used for learning the major qualification when retraining a crew member in the Regimental School or Rapid Courses.
    • Added a pictogram warning that sale of game property will be performed considering discounts.
    • Improved the crew member recovery window. Added a warning about the expiration of the free recovery period in the crew member recovery window.
    • Display of the number of received Mastery Badges: Ace Tanker in the tabs of the Service Record now look similarly.
    • When transferring from the vehicle comparison screen to the vehicle preview window, the set configuration remains.


    About 30,000 people from various clan communities decided to boycott the new season on the Global Map. They created a movement CONTRAS, which includes top clans and alliances of the RU server. Members of the organization have already put forward demands to the company: they want to meet with the leadership of Wargaming and discuss with them the perspectives for the development of the clan mode in the game. The application was already responded by Vyacheslav Makarov, the new head of the Wargaming office in Minsk. He asked to mail him with any suggestions, ideas and thoughts of players on how to improve the situation in all gaming segments of clan activity. Makarov also offered to meet with representatives of CONTRAS personally. The meeting will be held at the end of July in the Wargaming’s office in Minsk.

    We do not like: Targeted killing of strategy on the global map Demotivation of clans Disrespect towards players and clans Closed nature of the global map department

    Global map is… Goal Strategy Mutual benefit

    What do we want? Return of the prestige of the global map Popularization of the global map and clans Development of the global map Feedback How would this be achieved?

    We do not like:

    Targeted killing of strategy on the global map The global map was created as a mode in which the strategic component was dominant. But WG itself, despite stating that they support this, deliberately kills off active strategic action with its’ decisions. The political interaction and balance of power between clans is being replaced by quests to achieve amounts of destroyed tanks, amount of battles etc. – marathon principles from random battles. As a result, clans are forced to abandon conquered lands. Such a global map could very well be replaced by tournaments with gold as a participation prize. But the global map department receives a glorious statistic and reports to the upper management that activity in the mode increases. That today’s activity influx will be replaced by tomorrow’s desertedness is not discussed.

    Demotivation of clans WG’s last years decisions led the way for clans to lose motivation for improving their gameplay and increasing their standard. The constant prioritization of the amount of battles over their quality in all modes leads to each clan member wasting more and more time on the game, this scares away normal players from clan activities. Equalization of prizes leads to a clan receiving the same amount for a battle against a tough enemy and a weaker enemy. All of this leads to reluctance of fighting against stronger enemies. Instead of searching for ways to increase the combat capabilities of the clan, they search for loopholes in the game rules. The recent developments lead to planned destruction of the clan segment of the game, players are more inclined to play Ranked Battles, mini-tournaments and other modes non-dependant on clans, since they are more profitable and easy.

    Disrespect towards players and clans The lack of a proper plan for conducting certain activities for the clan community does not allow for clans to plan their operation to demonstrate maximum results. We would like to understand the future plans regarding clan content. We shouldn’t be panicking to train games on tier 8 or 6 because the global map department announced an event or campaign a week before it starts. A clan does not consist of 5-6 people, but of several dozens which also have a real, non-tank life: family, studying/working. They are ready to adapt to the schedule if needed, but they should know this schedule in advance and not two days ahead.

    Closed nature of the global map department Complete lack of feedback between the global map developers and the player base – all community proposals are met with replies about expensiveness and labour intensity of the development or trolling about lust for gold. There are no contact groups to discuss upcoming improvements and proposals on a permanent basis. We only see rare trips to Minsk by some representatives of the community, based on which, reports about working with the community are made, since these meetings did not bring any real changes.

    The global map is…

    Goal The global map is the pinnacle of clan activity. Clans should strive to participate on the global map, honing their skills in training, raids, offensives, attracting new players. This gives players an experience they cannot receive in other game modes, develops the players and makes them learn new tactical approaches. The global map should attract and stimulate clans with its’ possibilities. And also reward each participating player for their effort.

    Strategy The global map should be interesting in the first place by application of strategy, diplomacy and fights on territories, bringing interaction between players on another level than it is in a single battle. It is a strategy which provides clans with long-term goals, the feeling of belonging to something greater, feeling immersed in battling with tanks. Successes on the global map always determined the strength of a clan and its’ glory – legendary clans of the past and present would not be themselves without having participated on the global map. The measure of strength of a clan is the capability to capture and hold lands on the global map. This idea should guide the development of the global map.

    Mutual benefit The developers always talk about the unprofitability of the global map mode, but is that really so? We deem this untrue, because: – To play on the global map, a player needs at least 2-3 vehicles from different branches. He researches these vehicles and doesn’t just leave the game after unlocking the IS-7. – Playing in the clan environment requires many silver, which the player earns by using premium account and/or premium vehicles. The money for this lands directly on WG’s account. – The clan keeps a player in the game, since clan life is the strongest social component of this product.

    What do we want?

    Return of the prestige of the global map We propose to return the glory of holding land on the global map. To do so, a change in prize distribution is necessary with lowering the reward for deployments and increasing it for holding provinces. Stimulating battles shouldn’t happen through quests, but by creating conditions where it is advantageous and necessary for a clan to fight. Alternative prizes on the global map (scrap, bonds, clan reserves etc.) should stimulate activity of developing clans without increasing the gold resource on the global map. We’re fighting for several years already to expand the clan portal and would like to see our rewards we’ve earned on the global map.

    Popularization of the global map and clans We demand that the WG staff responsible for the coverage of the game faithfully perform their duties regarding the clan component. It is necessary to ease the understanding of the global map mode by creating training content. It is also necessary to provide clans with the possibility to inform the player base of their successes themselves. Provide the clan press the possibility to publish news on the official portal of the game, like it was before 2015. Create an official video channel with the company’s support to broadcast battles on the global map. Regularly cover clan activities and reward clans which advertise the game mode. Regularly publish news about the global map, events, map freezes etc. so players and commanders can plan ahead.

    Development of the global map We propose to include an alliance functionality into the game, which was unofficially present since the start of the global map. Alliances are the top level of socialization between players and should be understandable and accessible. This would provide players with an unique feeling of depth in the game process. Socialization is one of the most important achievements which keeps active players in the game.

    Feedback We propose to create a department or designate a personal manager to work with the clan community. We deem it necessary to create a focus-group which will consist of the most experienced clan leaders and alliance leaders. The main task of this group would be assisting the new department in optimizing the proposed changes and working on documents regarding clan activities, and also collecting feedback to constantly improve the quality of the global map. Feedback is necessary to provide the community with a means to influence the taken decisions.

    How would this be achieved? Together! We require cooperation with WG and the clan community, built on mutual respect and the desire to improve the game. We are currently creating a shortened version of our proposals to improve the global map which will be sent to Mr. Makarov on July 10th.”


    Update 9.19.1 is dropping on 12 July, releasing a fresh-baked batch of new features and improvements, many of them fuelled by your feedback after 9.18. Over the past few weeks, we’ve explained matchmaker tweaks, introduce you to the new onboarding experience, and detail changes coming to Personal Missions. How about a quick refresher course and explore what’s in the update once again—right before it deploys?

    Find out more about the update on the official World of Tanks portal: Update 9.19.1


    The missions for the T-34-85M were temporarily leaked on the ASIA server before they were removed, but we managed to use the magic of the internet and turn back time to get them for you. So here they are - and they seems very reasonable.

    Day 1:
    • Terms: Play 5 battles.
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 100% additional battle experience for 2 hours.

    Day 2:
    • Terms: Rank Top 5 by damage in a random battle
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 300% additional crew experience for 2 hours.

    Day 3:
    • Conditions: Destroy 5 enemy vehicles in any number of battles.
    • Reward: 5x Automatic fire extinguishing system

    Day 4:
    • Conditions: Deal 3000 damage in any number of random battles.
    • Reward: 5x Large repair kit

    Day 5:
    • Conditions: Damage 5 enemy vehicles in any number of random battles.
    • Reward: 5x Large repair kit.

    Day 6:
    • Terms: Rank top 5 by EXP in a random battle.
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 100% additional battle experience for 2 hours.

    Day 7:
    • Conditions: Deal damage to 10 enemy vehicles in any number of random battles.
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 300% additional battle experience for 2 hours.

    Day 8:
    • Conditions: Get 1,500 EXP over any number of random battles.
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 300% additional battle experience for 2 hours.

    Day 9:
    • Conditions: Damage at least 5 enemy vehicles in any number of battles.
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 100% additional battle experience for 2 hours.

    Day 10:
    • Conditions: Detect 10 enemy vehicles in any number of battles.
    • Reward: 5x Large repair kit.

    Day 11:
    • Conditions: Destroy 5 enemy vehicles in any number of random battles.
    • Prize: Personal reserve: + 50% more credits per 2 hours.

    Day 12:
    • Conditions: Deal 1,000 damage in 1 random battle.
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 300% additional crew experience for the battle for 2 hours.

    Day 13:
    • Conditions: Damage 5 enemy vehicles in any number of random battles.
    • Reward: 5x Large repair kit.

    Day 14:
    • Conditions: Damage/injure 5 enemy modules/crew members in any number of battles.
    • Reward: 5x Large repair kit.

    Day 15:
    • Conditions: Damage 5 enemy vehicles over any number of random battles.
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 100% additional crew experience for 2 hours.

    Day 16:
    • Conditions: Deal at least 5% total of all your teams total damage.
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 300% additional free experience for the battle for 2 hours.

    Day 17:
    • Conditions: Deal 3,000 damage over any number of random battles.
    • Reward: 5x Automatic fire extinguishing system.

    Day 18:
    • Conditions: Get 1,500 XP in any number of  random battles.
    • Reward: Personal reserve: + 50% more credits per battle for 2 hours.


    Wargaming has officially confirmed that it will attend the Gamescom exhibition in Germany, Cologne this year. What the company will represent is unknown at the moment.

    2 weeks ago, we learned that Angela Merkel herself, the Federal Chancellor of Germany and a prominent politician, would be opening Gamescom 2017.

    The event will be held from 22 to 26 August in Cologne.

    Gamescom is the annual international exhibition of computer games. Gamescom was first held in 2009, from 19 to 23 August 2009. The exhibition was held in the German city of Cologne. Gamescom is aimed at people related to computer games: consumers, fans, publishers, journalists and trade professionals.


    In an effort to discourage and reduce the instances on players using prohibited mods to gain a gameplay advantage, 9072 accounts received their first and only warning, and 3676 repeat offenders were permanently banned. As always, we’ll keep our eye on the game to identify and clamp down on further instances of illegal behaviour to create a healthy, fun gaming environment.

    RU server
    • 8757 players have been banned for 7 days
    • 3579 players have been permanently blocked

    NA server
    • 184 players have been banned for 7 days
    • 61 players have been permanently blocked

    SEA server
    • 131 players have been banned for 7 days
    • 39 players have been permanently blocked


    On the Wargaming EU forums, a response has been posted about the concerns that the STRV S1 was silently nerfed. This appears not to be the case, and is simply a display bug due to changes Wargaming made in the game code between patches. The explanation is as follows;

    Kandly - EU Community coordinator
    Hi guys!

    Some clarifications regarding this: In order to display the information, we're using the files in the game client, in which we put a number of values that pertain to vehicles. As you know, in update 9.17 we introduced a new mechanic for some of the Swedish line tanks: Siege Mode. For these tanks, we have created an additional (secondary) file in order to adjust the Siege Mode's settings. The game client uses a number of settings from that file, which are only connected to the Siege Mode. The client uses all other settings - only from the main file.

    With the Strv S1, we have put a number of parameters into the secondary file, bearing arbitrary values from the main one - and because these parameters do not influence anything when in the file, we weren't able to quickly remove them from it.

    These are the parameters we are talking about:
    • Ground Resistance
    • Braking Power
    • Hull Rotation Speed

    Because of this, third-party services displayed incorrect parameters of the Strv S1 starting with the release of the vehicle in update 9.17.1, which was caused by the aforementioned arbitrary values in the secondary file. That being said, the game client was nevertheless displaying the correct characteristics.

    In update 9.19, we have finally removed the troublesome parameters from the secondary file. As a result, third-party applications started correctly displaying the real values.

    To conclude, the above parameters of the Strv S1 haven't changed since the release of the vehicle. For correct comparison of this vehicle: Compare Siege Mode with Siege Mode values, and Travel Mode with Travel Mode values.

    Regarding the time of switch from Travel to Siege Mode: From the release of the vehicle in update 9.17.1, the switch time from Travel to Siege Mode was displayed as 1.25 in the Garage, while you could see a more precise 1.3 while in battle. In update 9.19, we decided to fix this discrepancy, but unfortunately did not inform you about it.


    A new, challenging marathon is here! From 7 July at 07:00 until 25 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), we will be running a special mission marathon!

    The Grand Prize: The T-34-85M, a Soviet Tier VI medium tank, with a garage slot. After the most recent improvements, it is now more than able to keep up with the other T-34-85 versions, and offers a slightly different gameplay. While the speed is a bit lower, the armour was reinforced, making it more likely to bounce enemy shells. The cherry on top is the extremely fast reload time, with which you can shred other vehicles to pieces if they don't pay attention.

    In order to complete the marathon and win the prize, you will have to earn 13 tokens. There will be one mission available per day, which means that you will have to complete them on 13 different days. Don't worry, though – the marathon will run for 18 days, so you can miss 5 days and still win! As usual, there will also be a fail-safe option available in the Premium Shop, in case you miss more than 5 missions or can't participate at all.

    The missions will be updated on a daily basis, and you will be able to view the currently active mission and the previous ones below – don't forget to re-visit this page regularly:

    More information on the marathon here: Marathon T-34-85M


    Starting from 7 July, you can pick up hugely discounted Premium vehicles in our Summer Sale calendar for the next ten days.

    Take advantage of epic deals featuring Tier VIII Premium vehicles at unprecedented 30% off the regular price!

    To the summer calendar

    Check out the calendar every day so as to not miss any of these awesome offers! Here's a little sneak peek at what we have in store for you:

    Each day from 07:00 until 06:45 CEST (UTC+2) the day after, another tank will be available in two hot packages, each with a 30% discount.

    Please note that the vehicle discounts apply exclusively to the respective Premium Shop offers.


    With the advent of the tank in World War One, antitank rifles became a priority for many countries, to provide infantry with some weapon to counter the new armored threat. The best known example of these (and the only one to see significant production before the end of WWI) was the German Tankgewehr, any captured Tankgewehrs would form the basis for the US development of the .50 BMG cartridge.

    This experimental Winchester rifle, made in late 1918, was part of that development. It is the only known surviving example of its type, and suffered a catastrophic failure during testing, as the receiver is cracked completely in half. The mechanism, however, is quite interesting. It uses a 1911-styled pistol grip as the bolt handle (similar to the Czech SS41 antitank rifle that would come decades later). It was fitted with a relatively large detachable box magazine and a mounting point for a telescopic sight.


    Recently, we have shared with you the information about the Soviet Medium tank changes tested on the Super Test server. Now it’s time to talk about the updated characteristics of the IS-7 and some of the TDs from the Soviet branch.

    Let’s start with the Tier X Soviet heavy, the IS-7. Once one of the most popular vehicles in the game, the IS-7 has lost some of its former power against the new top tanks. We plan to increase the strength of this old-timer by significantly improving its mobility and aiming parameters. The changes are intended to emphasize the current role of the vehicle – a close range assaulter. Due to its improved hitpoints combined with the excellent frontal armour, the IS-7 will now survive longer in a match. Firing will become more efficient due to the improved aiming parameters. We will also improve the mobility significantly (increasing the power-weight ratio from 15,4 h.p/t to 19 h.p/t). This change will allow the tank to take advantage of key positions on the battlefield.

    • Turret rotation bloom reduced from 0.077 to 0.058
    • Hull movement bloom reduced from 0.182 to 0.153
    • Hull rotation bloom reduced from 0.182 to 0.153
    • Turret rotation max. bloom reduced from 1.92 to 1.44
    • Hull movement max. bloom reduced from 10.86 to 9.14
    • Hull rotation max. bloom reduced from 5.1 to 4.3

    Now let’s move on to the changes of the TD branch leading up to the Object 268. The BL-10 gun on Tier VIII ISU-152 will be replaced by the 152 mm D-4S. In fact, the 152 mm D-4S is similar in its characteristics to the 152 mm BL-10 except for the armour penetration which will become lower (260 mm on D-4S). The current armour penetration of the BL-10 (286 mm) on Tier VIII combined with the 750 HP alpha-damage is simply too effective. Moreover, we’ll increase the hitpoints of the tank in order to increase its survivability. The ISU-152 will also lose some of its 122-mm gun choices which will make it easier to research the top gun. The D-4S will be also added to the Object 704 as an alternative to the BL-10 which will remain available on the Object.

    And what will happen to the top of the branch? We will significantly increase the speed of the standard shell (from 760 m/s to 950 m/s) of the Object 268 and will also double the horizontal gun constraint range which will make firing at long ranges much more effective and will make it easier to hit moving targets.

    These are the latest changes to be tested on the Super test. Stay tuned!


    An issue has arose both on the official World of Tanks forums and Reddit, that the STRV S1 has been the victim of a "stealth nerf". While the stats on have changed, Wargaming seem to know very little about what happened. Looking like an unintended change or an issue with, Wargaming are investigating currently and will respond in due time.

    Mr.Conway - EU Community Coordinator
    We were just a puzzled by this as you guys when we saw this popping up yesterday. The issue is being investigated and I will let you know if there is a problem and where it lies as soon as I have any more details.

    Please be assured that it is definitely not an intended nerf, if a change indeed happened.

    Anton Pankov - Publishing Director
    Hey. Based on the STRV S1 we will check, most likely this is a bug / bug display. In any case, thanks for the signal.


    July promises to be one of the best months of the year, with a variety of huge events and specials. There will be plenty for you to do this month, plus rewards to earn. Check below to see what's waiting for you!

    • Top of the tree: Obj. 140
    • 1-3 July: Battle of Kursk
    • 7-24 July: Tank Marathon
    • 7-17 July: Summer Sales
    • 15-17 July: Special Summer Sales
    • 22-24 July: Dunkirk
    • 29-31 July: Experience Fever

    For a more in-depth look, head over to the official World of Tanks EU portal.


    World of Tanks update 9.19.1 will be arriving soon on the Russian server, the estimated release date is July 11th. Expect it to come to the EU/NA servers a day later, followed by the ASIA server a week thereafter.


    Today Natus Vincere G2A are sad to announce the release of our World of Tanks division, which we signed on 4 July 2013. Back then the players of RUSH were considered the best and most decorated in the world. After transferring to Natus Vincere they strengthened their positions. The team won 25 golden medals at various tournaments including StarLadder, WGL: Golden League, TechLabs and many others. They earned $ 800 000 in prize money.

    Unfortunately, over the past three years World of Tanks hasn't been developing as an eSports title: there's been no increase in tournament quantity and prize pools. Meanwhile, many grand organizations of the discipline released their teams:, Fnatic, PENTA Sports, mousesports, Hellraisers and others.

    We'd like to express our gratitude to our players for their loyalty and the development of Natus Vincere project. We hope they'll continue building they careers and will win many more first places.

    Yevhen Zolotarov, CEO Natus Vincere:

    "Sometimes to move forward you need to make hard decisions: today we bid farewell to World of Tanks discipline. Over the past 4 years, the tankers have become the inalienable part of our eSports club. They've been always performing at the highest level. We can say that this roster has been the most consistent in the history of our organization. However, despite the successes and hard work of the players, eSports of WoT hasn't moved forward from where it was back in 2013. I perfectly understand that the game is a successful business project. Probably Wargaming is good with current situation, but we cannot operate in the discipline, which has only 4 tournaments per year and no support is provided by a publisher.

    I'd like to express gratitude to every player for their loyalty and the contribution to the development of Natus Vincere project. You are real professionals and we've always enjoyed working with you. I hope you'll continue playing together. GL & HF"

    Dmitry "de1uxe" Repin, manager:

    "These 4 years in Na`Vi were unforgettable. We've won much and learnt much. I'd like to express my special gratitude to Alexandr "Zerogravity" Kokhanovsky, Igor "caff" Sidorenko and Oleg "prb" Bulavko for the trust, patience and contribution to our team. I am also very grateful to our fans - you are the best!"

    Dmitry "LeBwa" Palaschenko:

    "Our team has been playing under the banners of NaVi for over three years now. It was great time. I remember how everyone in the team was glad, when we signed the contract. We were negotiating with two organizations, but everyone wanted to play in Na`Vi. I'd like to thank for the support throughout such long period of time. I can say that the players have never been in need during this time ).

    The reason why organization leaves tank eSport are quite understandable. There's no secret, that it is in decline ) I with (sic) Na`Vi further growth and success in other titles."


    The Korsac EM-1 (not to be confused with the Thorpe EM-1, which is a completely different rifle) was a bullpup light machine gun based on captured examples of the German FG-42 patatroop rifle. It was developed between 1945 and 1947 by a team led by Polish refugee designer named Korsac.

    It was chambered for the 8mm Mauser cartridge, and used an 18 round magazine adapted from the ZB-26. The operating mechanism was closely copied form the FG-42, as were many elements of the rifle's controls, including the capability for firing from an open bolt in fully automatic and from a closed bolt in semiautomatic. Unlike the FG-42, it used a short stroke tappet type gas piston, and had a detachable barrel. Ultimately only two examples were built, and only one of those (the one in this video) was completed to firing condition.

    It suffered from reliability problems in semiautomatic mode, and was quickly sidelined in favor of the other development projects ongoing by 1947. However, many lessons from its development would be put into the EM-2 rifle.


    Sources from the Polish YouTube channel point towards a marathon for the T34-85m starting on 7th July and ending on the 24th July. There are very few detail at the moment to confirm is this information is true or not. There will also be a 4x for the first victory of the day between 22 - 25 July, as well as crew experience conversion bonuses. Take this with a pinch of salt until it can be confirmed.


    The Soviet tanks have arrived to the Supertest for some rebalancing! The main idea is to significantly strengthen the armour on the turret front, which will allow Soviet MTs to tank with their turret when they manage to hide the hull behind cover. They will be able to cause damage from this position and live up to the idea of active Medium tanks with strong turret armour.

    Let’s start with the crown jewel of the MT branch – the Object 140. It is an excellent vehicle that does a great job when fulfilling its intended role on the battlefield. However, it has a drawback, which you often reported, the armour on the turret roof. This was the reason why the Object could be penetrated in the turret even though it seemed like a solid cast construction. On the Super test we will change the armour of the top turret and will get it up to the level of its comrade – the T-62A. At the same time, the armour of the hatches on the turret will remain the same, so do not allow your opponents to aim at them.

    Let’s go one tier lower and see what happened with the T-54. Besides significantly strengthening its turret armour, we’ll also revise the top guns and will set the roles of the vehicle according to the gun choice.

    The 100 mm D-10Т2S gun that in the research tree leads to the Object 140 will be rebalanced for close-range fighting. Its reload time will be decreased thereby increasing its average damage per minute. At the same time the accuracy will be slightly decreased – this will force players to use the gun at medium and short ranges and to play in a more aggressive style more in line with how a medium range support tank should be played. The 100 mm D-54 gun (that leads to T-62A) will have significantly improved aiming time and accuracy at 100m, but at the same time the reload time will be increased. Now it’ll be easier for it to act as a long range fire support vehicle.

    Let’s go to Tier VIII and test the updated version of the T-44. It will have a significantly strengthened turret roof. The effective armor of the turret front will reach about 200 mm (instead of the current 120-140 mm), and the effective side armor – more than 300 mm. Similar parameters will be implemented on the turrets of such premium tanks as the T-54 first prototype and the Т-44-100 (Р).

    We will also change the performance of two of the T-44s guns. The 100 mm LB-1 gun will receive improved stabilization and aiming time, which will allow more accurate firing both while moving and while standing still. This change will affect both the T-44 and the T-44-100 (P).

    The 122 mm D-25-44 gun will have a significantly improved rate of fire and slightly improved aiming parameters, which will allow this weapon to perfectly fulfil the potential at close range, causing high alpha-damage. That’s not all the changes that we are planning to test within the USSR tree in this version. Next in line are the Soviet Heavy tanks and TDs, but we’ll talk about them a bit later.