So most, if not all of you have noticed the listening Post has been missing since the end of November, there are several reasons for this and unfortunately, they mostly all involve my personal life, so I cannot go into much detail with those. It did regretfully, cut into the time I was able to spend on the site and my health, so I took a step back just to get things into perspective and find some needed balance.

Secondly, around the beginning of December, for some reason the site was unreachable by any means, I do not know why at this time, everything was set to read only, so at least all the current articles and information would be available. I had very little access to the internet for the past several weeks, so I only became aware of it shortly before the winter holidays; and like most people at this time of year, I was away for an extended period.

Going forward into 2017, I will be changing and looking at the content the Listening Post provides, there are already enough news and leaks available elsewhere and I want to find a niche into which we can fit. I'm looking at more investigative work, that involves research and has a real impact into making the games we enjoy better. We have a lot of ideas going forward, not all of them will be successful and there will be challenges to overcome no doubt.

I hope some of you will visit us again, it's been a bumpy few months and I sincerely apologise for the lack of content. I hope you will stick with us, life kicks us down pretty hard sometimes, I know some of you will be familiar with this, but we all need to push through those hard times.

Have a good year ahead, I wish you all the best.

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