With the upcoming 9.18 patch, Wargaming are to change one of the core concepts of World of Tanks. Some of you will be familiar with this system if you play Wargamings successful naval combat game, World of Warships. We will take a quick look at how the changes effect you and what cost are associated with using the new consumables mechanics.

All small/large first aid kits and all small/large repair kits, now have a cooldown ingame. Currently set at 90 seconds (1:30min) the kits can successfully be repeatedly used more than once during a single game. The price for these kits remains the same, 3000 credits for small, 20000 for the large kits.

Lets take a look at two scenarios using a small first aid kit as an example;

  • You use your first aid kit (1 time) during battle, you are charged once at the end of battle.

  • You use your first aid kit (3 times) during battle, you are charged once at the end of battle.

The cost does not accumulate the more you use the kit, the only thing that changes, is the fact you can use the same kit multiple times now. This should make the game more enjoyable - being able to repair multiple times. Should your ammorack now be damaged more than once; all you have to do is wait 90 seconds with the new update.

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