This is a pilot article introducing The Armoured Rundown. The goal is to give and in-depth look at upcoming premiums, break down their strengths, weaknesses and conclude if the tank is of value. I will objectively look at, and give my honest opinion while trying to remain as neutral as possible - but voice concerns should the need arise.

The content will undergo several changes over the next few days, but is currently public for review.


You should already be familiar with the gun, should you have played the AMX 50 100 or the Bat.Chat 25 t AP. The SA47 100mm combines high penetration, acceptable accuracy and decent alpha, the Lorraine 40t retains these qualities, this time with a 4 round magazine. While being lower than the 6 rounds both the AMX and Bat.Chat have, the Lorraine 40t can expend its magazine faster, meaning less exposure time for return shots. Like all autoloaders, its weakness is its reload time, if you are caught out during this process, your armour is most definitely not going to save you.

The gun is a great package on a mobile platform, although suited more for mid to short range engagements, it does okay at ranges longer than 250 meters; though don't expect to hit every shot. The high penetration allows the gun to deal with most armour without trouble, this means you can be sparse with your premium apcr rounds, only needing to load them against some Tier 9s and 10s.

   + High penetration
   + 4 Round autoloader
   + Good gun depression
   - Average accuracy
   - Average aim time


There really is not much to talk about in regards to armour, the thickest is on turret at 45mm, this drops to 20mm on this thinnest parts of the armour, meaning all guns over 61mm will overmatch. The side armour is also disappointing, the 30mm means it will be overmatched by all 91mm guns and over, so there really is little point even trying to angle or sidescrape in the Lorraine 40t.

Armour is not the vehicles strong point, that is made pretty clear, don't expect to block much - if anything at all, though you will get the odd ricochet should the front plate or turret be stuck at an obscene angle. You really should not try to brawl with the Lorraine 40t, instead choose opportunities that allow you to fire most of your 4 rounds, and repeat.

   + None
   - Low armour
   - Overmatch prone


The mobility is where the tank really has its strengths, able to reach top speed with ease and relocate to a new flank should that be required. It has ample horsepower at 21.25 per ton, with a top speed of 60 km/h. This mobility comes at a price however, your armour. The tank is also quite big, it has a large side profile which might be difficult to hide in certain situations.

The mobility of the tank allows to get into early positions with relative ease, though being spotted might be an issue. If by some chance you get caught out reloading, you can try to use your speed to move towards your team and relitive safety, or towards more solid cover.

   + Good top speed
   + Good power to weight
   + Good terrain resistances
   - Average tank traverse


If you enjoy tanks like the AMX 50 100 or the Bat.Chat 25 t AP, then the Lorraine will feel just as good. The tank combines a delightful balanced package, though if you strugle with autoloaders, the Lorraine 40t will be no diffrent for you. Although lacking in armour, the firepower and mobility are the strongest points of the Lorraine 40t.

The loss of 2 shots from the magazine might be a disappointment to some, but less exposure time and a faster overall reload could be seen as a benefit. The Lorraine 40t is a fine addition, enjoyable to play - yet not throwing balance to the wind.


Gun - 100 mm SA47 A (AP/APCR/HE)
Avg. Penetration: 232 / 263 / 50 mm
Avg. Damage: 300 / 300 / 400
Reload Time: 34.52s
Rate of Fire: 5.71 rounds/min
Clip Size: 4
Reload Time Between Shot: 2.75s
Aiming Time: 2.59s
Avg. Damage Per Minute: 1713.43 HP/min
Accuracy:  0.36
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: -8 / +15 deg

Engine Power: 850 hp
Specific Power: 21.25 hp/t
Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 60 / 23 km/h
Terrain Resistance
Hard: 0.86
Medium: 0.96
Soft: 1.73

Hit Points: 1300
Hull Armour: 40 / 30 / 25
Turret Armour: 45 / 30 / 20

Gun Traverse Speed: 21.88 deg/s
Traverse Speed: 35.46 deg/s
View Range: 380 m
Signal Range: 782 m

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