Tanks, just like pretty much anything else in the world, can become mundane over time. You bought that one vehicle you always wanted and had one heck of a time for a long time. After a couple of dozen or hundred battles though, the tank started losing its charm - you learned all there was to know about it and could even drive it with your eyes closed. In short, it became boring.

Now, what do you do when that happens? If the tank is a standard one then it's easy - you sell it and use the credits to buy a new one. What about premium tanks, though? Selling an old premium for credits doesn't really make much sense, so more often than not the gold tank you grew bored with ends up forgotten somewhere in the corner of your garage never to be played again. This is about to change!

From 28 April at 07:00 until 16 May at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), you will be able to trade in your old premium tanks while buying a new one, to get it at a reduced price!

For more information visit the World of Tanks website - Special Offer: Tank-Trade In.

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