May is a packed month for World of Tanks players. For starters, there’s the exciting introduction of the M4A3E8 Thunderbolt, and the Berlin Quartet is back for a limited time!

The Thunderbolt packs a 76mm cannon and more Armour than the M4A3E8 Sherman sister model, and historically, it was under the command of Lieutenant Creighton Abrams in World War II. The Berlin Quartet is a collection of four tanks, three of which played a key role in the waning days of hostilities in Europe during World War II. If you’re new to this foursome, here's the details:

The British Cromwell B was involved in several key battles in the West, while in the East, the IS-2’s smashed German defences in the relentless drive toward Berlin. The ISU-122S, a variation of the IS-2, equipped with a 122mm heavy assault gun, was a fearsome tank destroyer.

The T-34-85 was also involved in the final push into the German capitol, and was the basis for the T-34-85 “Rudy,” a fictional tank that found fame thanks to a popular Polish TV series, “Four Tank-Men and a Dog.” This tier IV medium tank even includes a canine Crewmember!

Add these historically important vehicles to your collection in a variety of bundles. Buy now and save!

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