(UPDATED) We have added further answers from the WGL weekend.

– Defender will not be sold again for quite some time in the premium shop.

– We are currently working on a anti-cheat system, each mod will have be given an identification. in autumn we'll start public tests, this will be incorporated into the mod portal.

– No new maps planned soon, the whole team is currently occupied with HD maps.

– There will be a new camouflage system which will be more diverse. We’re currently working on the interface, no deadlines yet.

– The Foch branch will be reworked, it's pretty bad from Tier 8 up currently.

– Amount of AT-SPGs in battles is lowering.

– No plans at all for T-22 medium.

– Chinese server will receive an exclusive crew “Peking opera”.

– Personal missions will change in accordance with statistics collected after introduction of the new matchmaker.

– There are some "issues" with Maus and Type 5 Heavy, they’ll be fixed in the next few patches.

– We won’t remove preferential matchmaking from the tanks that have it.

– There will be a possibility to use nicknames of inactive players, no timeframe yet.

– Malinovka will not be removed from the map pool.

– HD maps will come all at once, we cannot keep 2 renders in the game, it would be impractical.

– There are plans to give the French Tank Destroyers an autoloader from tier 8 upwards.

– SU-76I will never be sold, it has to be adjusted somehow.

– Wheeled vehicles might appear in the game, we’re looking in the archives and debating it.

– There are plans for several new fun modes.

– Post-battle player evaluation/rating will come if testing is successful and the players like it.

– Light tanks are not imbalanced. We’re looking at the statistics, they’re performing normally.

– There will be a new season of personal missions, the previous will not disappear.

– We’re not planning to return platoons with tier differences.

– We’re looking at the Type 59 statistics, we might buff it a little bit in a future patch.

– No plans for daily login bonus at the moment.

– In 9.19, there will be a small fix for server stability problems.

– Tanks with one-tier MM will not be changed, neither will be their MM.

– No plans for alternative weapons on premiums.

– No plans for Italians tech tree this year.

– AMX 13 57 GF will not be sold, same for the Black Bulldog.

– We’re more likely to allow 1 arty per platoon, than to return public chat.

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