Wargaming Grand Finals 2017.

Meet Tomato, the lobster predicting the future. After months of contemplation, the Wargaming.net League has sought help from under the sea, recruiting Tomato the lobster. The crustacean will be predicting the winning teams in The Grand Finals 2017 by choosing between two teams every match.

Tomato the lobster started his career after his previous owner discovered he was able to correctly predict the outcomes of horse races, which saved him from the pot. Over the years, his reputation has reached boiling point, and Wargaming decided to reach out to draw on his talents for The Grand Finals 2017.

Tomato will be placed in a tank, with the two possible outcomes to the left and right of him. Using his innate abilities, the lobster will choose who he believes will win a particular matchup. The Wargaming.net League hosts will be deferring to Tomato each time a battle is in sight, to see who the red guy chooses.

You can follow the clairvoyant crustacean as he makes his choices during the livestream. Follow the links to see what Tomato makes of it all: Watch The Grand Finals Live

Source: Wargaming.eu

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