World of Warships continues its evolution! Today we present to you the next step in the development of PvE (Player vs Environment) battles—Scenarios. Unlike the good old Co-op Battles, Scenarios have several special modes, each with their own story, main and additional tasks, and, last, but not least, rewards for completing them.

Take part in the Operation of the Week alone or in a division with two or three friends! For these Operations, your team will be automatically complemented with random players until it has seven people. If you like big crowds, gather a division of four to seven people, select any available Operation, and join the battle. Remember, you'll have to rely on your division and its cohesion in battle.

Besides the traditional XP and Credits, we have plenty of surprises in store for you. Operations will bring new game mechanics, events, ships, onshore installations, and, of course, new achievements.

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