Wargaming today announces the launch of a publishing program for mobile games. It aims to help aspiring creative teams enter the market segment and make partnerships. The program provides creators with a unique set of tools from industry leaders such as Amazon, AppsFlyer, deltaDNA, and Epic Games.

Managed by the newly created Wargaming Mobile, the program allows its members to significantly accelerate game development and operations using analytical tools and development and communication solutions. All this is provided to them for 6 months. The most promising projects can be supported for up to a year or they can be offered with Wargaming.

"The mobile gaming publishing program is a complete publishing and distribution solution for small businesses that can be built into customer awareness," says Keith Kawahata, chief of Wargaming Mobile.

To find out more about Wargaming Mobile and the possibilities offered by the mobile game publisher program, visit the official site of the new branch at wgmobile.net.

Companies interested in joining the program should complete the form available at publishing.wgmobile.net

About Wargaming Mobile
Wargaming Mobile is a new division of Wargaming, committed to creating and publishing mobile games. Founded in 2017, it includes an independent mobile game publisher program that offers the best solutions from the early stages of production to the world premiere. Wargaming Mobile also connects numerous mobile projects of the company and its partners under one brand to offer maximum marketing and distribution efficiencies. Official Wargaming Mobile Website wgmobile.net

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