Below is a post from the Official Wargaming Russian Facebook page. It confirms that there is a new IP in development for the console. Wargaming are currently advertising multiple job roles meaning that development is very early at this stage.


Until today, we kept it a secret, but it's time to tell! The Wargaming team in St. Petersburg is starting work on a new project for the PS4 and Xbox One.
We open many exciting vacancies: for those who have already established themselves in the game or just dream of getting there.

Jobs for professionals with console experience: Technical Director, Lead GD, QA lead, Game Designer. 
Other hot jobs: Game designer, 3D Tech artist, Client / Technology programmer, Sound programmer, UI Designer, GL programmer, Server programmer, Deploy & Automation, Compliance QA, Core technology QA, Core gameplay QA.

Join the universe of Wargaming games!

We are waiting for your resume: e_petukhova@wargaming.net
Also we are expanding our areas of PC (our flagship project World of Warships) and Mobile. The full list of vacancies is here: https://spb.hh.ru/employer/662769?dpt=662769-662769-piter

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