An issue has arose both on the official World of Tanks forums and Reddit, that the STRV S1 has been the victim of a "stealth nerf". While the stats on have changed, Wargaming seem to know very little about what happened. Looking like an unintended change or an issue with, Wargaming are investigating currently and will respond in due time.

Mr.Conway - EU Community Coordinator
We were just a puzzled by this as you guys when we saw this popping up yesterday. The issue is being investigated and I will let you know if there is a problem and where it lies as soon as I have any more details.

Please be assured that it is definitely not an intended nerf, if a change indeed happened.

Anton Pankov - Publishing Director
Hey. Based on the STRV S1 we will check, most likely this is a bug / bug display. In any case, thanks for the signal.

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