The new characteristics of some British Medium tanks are soon to be tested on the Supertest server!

British MTs have excellent elevation angles and a good view range, but unfortunately, the turret isn't strong enough for allowing you to fully take advantage of these top British vehicles. That’s exactly why we plan to improve the front armour of Medium tanks turrets starting from Tier VIII to Tier X.

The effective armour will now start from 240mm, which will allow you to play more confidently on terrain folds and to feel less vulnerable.

British premium MT FV4202 was not ignored either. Besides improving the front of the turret (common for all top Medium tanks), we’ll also improve the armour of the front hull so it reaches 223mm effective armour. Due to the, FV 4202 will be able to fight with opponents using its strong front. Moreover, we’ll increase the engine power to 650 h.p., which will allow this tank to reach its maximum speed quicker, become more mobile and dynamic overall.

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