Two American tanks are currently on their way to Supertest for turret rebalancing! The M48A1 Patton is getting a new turret (from M48A5) with a smaller cupola and improved front armour.

The current Tier X Patton doesn’t have good turret armour and proved to be vulnerable due to its prominent cupola. The new turret we’re testing, with its improved armour, will make it possible for you to work the ridges, take advantage of the terrain and “tank” more successfully.

The M46 Patton is getting improved armor of the standard turret mantlet (it’ll be improved to reach the level of the M26). The effective top turret front armor will be ~220mm.

As for the M46 Patton, we will improve its front turret armour without replacing it, this way maintaining this MT branch’s trait for excellent elevation/depression angles and solid turrets on high tiers.

Please keep in mind that changes tested on the Supertest server won’t necessarily be implemented on the live server.

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