A new, challenging marathon is here! From 7 July at 07:00 until 25 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), we will be running a special mission marathon!

The Grand Prize: The T-34-85M, a Soviet Tier VI medium tank, with a garage slot. After the most recent improvements, it is now more than able to keep up with the other T-34-85 versions, and offers a slightly different gameplay. While the speed is a bit lower, the armour was reinforced, making it more likely to bounce enemy shells. The cherry on top is the extremely fast reload time, with which you can shred other vehicles to pieces if they don't pay attention.

In order to complete the marathon and win the prize, you will have to earn 13 tokens. There will be one mission available per day, which means that you will have to complete them on 13 different days. Don't worry, though – the marathon will run for 18 days, so you can miss 5 days and still win! As usual, there will also be a fail-safe option available in the Premium Shop, in case you miss more than 5 missions or can't participate at all.

The missions will be updated on a daily basis, and you will be able to view the currently active mission and the previous ones below – don't forget to re-visit this page regularly:

More information on the marathon here: Marathon T-34-85M

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